A Word from the Founder

You’re here now and you’ve come to the right place. Our website is soon to be launched, but until then, “waiting” is not an option we know of. So let’s dive right into it, shall we? A group of talented, creative Egyptians will be at your service, if you decide to choose Bsocial. The digital world -in general- is our game; our forte to be accurate. We’re here to help you enter this world with a strong, distinguished identity and mindful passion.

We only accept briefs that gives us at least 30 days to work our magic and create a meaningful approach that adds value to your brand and is impeccably tailor-made for it. Short notice requests do not give us a room to be creative and provide quality. Perfectionists much? I believe so. :) So bear with us if this sounds interesting, or please accept our sincere apologies if you are in a rush.

If you decide to give us a shot, we will develop and create an approach that best fits your brief and present it to you at your convenience. No strings attached; if you don't like our approach, you are not obliged to accept it under any circumstances. If you do, however, we will activate the process and kickoff at the time of your choosing.

We appreciate long-term relations with our clients based on partnership, trust, loyalty and appreciation. Only in this case are we oldschool-ish. Together, we work to achieve the goals of this partnership as one team, striving towards the same goals.

Finally, thank you for the time you've given us in reading this letter. We appreciate the stay length, as it brings value to our website :-).

We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Scratch that. Get in touch!

Partial list of brands we manage
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Sooner than you think, we'll go ready, set..click!