Dolato Goes Global With Guinness World Records.

In its first unique collaboration of its kind in the world, “Dolato”, an Italian gelato brand in town prepared and underwent the most entertaining challenge of 2021, for its customers with Guinness World Records Official Attempt, under the tagline "Do You Dare?" In Dolato’s attempt in appreciating the most delicious, fresh, and varied gelato flavors, which are Dolato's specialty and celebrating all gelato lovers and experts, Dolato announced the challenge to the public, in an attempt to get all gelato lovers and experts to participate in a challenge attempt to break the official world record by identifying 15 Dolato flavors while blindfolded in one minute. In order to participate, one must purchase the Dolato Dare Box of 24 flavors and follow the instructions to submit your entry: 1. Record yourself identifying the most flavors out of the 24 scoops in one minute… BLINDFOLDED! 2. Challenge 3 of your friends at the end of the video. 3. Upload the video with the hashtag #DolatoDareBoxChallenge #DareToTaste on your page and tag @Dolatoeg (make sure the post is public). Scan the QR Code on the box and fill the application with the flavors you have identified in sequence and upload the video. Meanwhile digitally, there was also a Meltdown competition with influencers that participated in the previous Dolato Dare via Instagram stories. After an intense Meltdown, Nancy Moussa, has succeeded in becoming the new world record holder under Dolato's name and she will then enjoy a year full of delicious and crave satisfying gelato from Dolato The finale showdown took place in the Dolato, Walk in Sheikh Zayed City, in attendance of official participation of the international adjudication of “Guinness World Records”. This dare has witnessed extraordinary public engagement ever since its launch in mid-March. Many elites and celebrities in both the Egyptian society and art field participated in the dare and challenged each other, mainly because it was the first challenge o its kind to ever occur in Egypt. This led to great engagement, and a memorable experience with Dolato and their target audience. excellent participation and the smooth dissemination of this fun experience. Dolato has expressed its pride for the achievement of this mission, which caused the brand to announce its initiative to support any Egyptian who seeks to attain a worldwide achievement in Guinness World Records in any field.