IBAG OOH Campaign Rocks Cairo’s Streets

In the field of money transfer, IBAG crafted its name with wide bold letters as the biggest Western Union agent in Egypt during the last 27 years. IBAG is also an important resource in supporting the Egyptian economy since it serves more than 600,000 customers yearly with highly active 38 branches all over Egypt. Now, It's the perfect timing for IBAG WU to go bigger and serve more customers by opening more branches. Here comes the role of the smart partnership decision with Al-Ahly Capital to be the gate for IBAG WU to exist inside The National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, so they expanded from 38 to 190 branches across the Egyptian Governorates. This mega expansion required a big buzz in Cairo’s streets, so we launched an OOH campaign that can make people see IBAG’s announcement in different sizes and ways, like billboards and national buses along the streets and so on. We managed to reflect the message in a simple yet catchy way to get the highest benefit from the campaign. It was a big challenge for our creative team to reflect the identity of NBE in addition to Banque Misr without burying IBAG’s identity, but they expertly did it and demonstrated both identities in harmony.