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Earth as we know it has two gigantic terrains of snow, known as the North Pole and the South Pole. Today, a new pole has emerged and is about to change the books of geography. With over 7,000 tons of snow, Ski Egypt is launching the first ski resort in Africa with the world’s largest indoor snow park, offering everything from skiing, slope snowboarding, sledging and a Polar Express Train to a jolly kids area and a professional Ski School, all in a one stop, breathtaking experience for family and friends.

There had to be more to offer than steady compound maquettes to real estate potential clients. Our passion towards the digital age’s miracles made it impossible to stop at impeccable online visuals, or brightly colored, printed catalogues. Real estate needs that indulging ‘real’ element. And ‘real’ is what we planned on offering. Introducing L’Avenir’s ultimate 360 experience, tailored and designed by our 3D graphic design team for Web 360, Facebook 360 and Gear VR. The compound’s different virtual unit designs were built from scratch using the most efficient 3D modeling software, primarily based on the official Autocad landscape designs, as well as constructional blue prints. From then on, our journey with L’Avenir went further into experiencing new, luxurious homes in their most realistic forms.

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